Discover the exceptional elegance at the SKS Grand Palace Hotel in Mathura, Vrindavan, your ultimate destination for an unforgettable wedding experience. Our magnificent Vrindavan banquet hall is tailor-made for grand celebrations, accommodating gatherings of all sizes with grace and style. As the premier hotel in Vrindavan, Mathura, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled luxury and sophistication. Whether your concept is for a magnificent event or a small, personal gathering, our hotel offers the ideal backdrop with its unique interior and outdoor areas. When it comes to weddings in Mathura, our venue stands out as the epitome of class and elegance. With cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, our banquet space can be used for various events, including presentations and screenings, making every occasion special. Our team of seasoned wedding planners stands ready to turn your dreams into reality, meticulously attending to every detail, from exquisite decorations to culinary delights. Conveniently located and offering ample parking for your guests, the SKS Grand Palace is just a short drive from many religious places in Mathura and Vrindavan. Whether you’re searching for a marriage hall in Mathura or a wedding venue in Vrindavan, our hotel is the ultimate choice for discerning couples. Weddings in Vrindavan have never been more enchanting than at our distinguished venue. Contact us today to embark on your journey to a truly unforgettable wedding experience, only at the Best Resort in Vrindavan for a Wedding, where every moment is crafted with perfection.

Wedding Venues in Vrindavan at SKS Grand Palace DESTINATION

SKS Grand Emerald Hall (Max Capacity 60 Pax)

This venue provides an open balcony, perfect for breezy brunches beneath the blue sky or enchanting moonlit dinners. Its versatility makes it a favourite among corporates, offering a dual-purpose space for various occasions.

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Emerald Hall Hotel SKS Grand Palace Vrindavan Mathura

Pearl Hall Hotel SKS Grand Palace Vrindavan Mathura

SKS Grand Pearl Hall (Max Capacity 200 Pax)

True to its name, the ceremony hall at our hotel in Mathura, Vrindavan is a true gem, located on the lower ground (LG) level. It offers a vibrant and serene atmosphere, akin to the lustre of natural pearls, ensuring your events are as memorable as they are beautiful.

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SKS grand mile banquet (Max Capacity 1000 Pax)

This banquet hall at our hotel in Vrindavan sparkles with lavishness, featuring a towering 50-foot ceiling and Roman-style architecture. A top priority among politicians, celebrities, and industrialists, it boasts lush lawns and modern squares, ideal for basking in the sun while enjoying refreshing drinks.

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Mile Banquet Hotel SKS Grand Palace Vrindavan

Grand Palace Hotel SKS Grand Palace Vrindavan

SKS Grand Palace Banquet (Max Capacity 1000 Pax)

Are you seeking relief from the scorching sun? Look no further than our hotel in Mathura, Vrindavan home to the longest yard, offering serene garden views. It's the perfect spot to effortlessly host lunches and dinners for your squad with finesse.

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SKS Grand Park (Max Capacity 4000 Pax)

This venue will give you the experience of a dreamy oasis with a magical giant palm tree in the middle of the garden and a pre-set stage to give you a good line of sight of your guests in this spectacular garden.

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Grand Park Resort Lawn Vrindavan Mathura
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